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Tell Your Brand’s Story In Your Voice

In March 2024, Google rolled out one of its largest core algorithm updates focused on eliminating ~40% of low-quality and/or AI-generated content from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). For businesses who have been relying on AI to write their content, this meant huge drops in traffic and rankings for their websites making it harder for their brand to be found online. When you choose Eltaher Media for your website copy, we not only tell your brand but we match your brand’s tone and personality to attract your core audience. We guarantee our copy is human-written and tailored to truly reflect your voice online. If you don’t already have one, we’ll even help you establish brand guidelines to ensure your brand is communicated correctly both internally and in your marketing.

High-Quality Website Copy Sets You Apart

Whether or not you’re running an active and ongoing SEO campaign, the most important thing that Google values in its algorithm is high-quality and engaging content (copywriting) on your website. Your website copy helps people find you on Google and helps drive more traffic to your site and awareness for your business. When was the last time you looked at your competitor’s website? Are there things that you like or dislike about their site that you can use to make yours better?

Put Yourself In The Searcher’s Shoes

Take a moment to think about your business from your client or customer’s standpoint; is it easy for them to find your website or social media profiles? Do you answer all of the questions that your customers or clients might have? Does your website have an FAQ page? These are all very important things to consider

If someone lands on your website and is confused about the services/products you offer, your business hours, or any other important information that they need to make a purchasing decision, more than likely they will go to your competitor or another website. Websites that have more quality content that caters to the information that searchers are looking for, and those that clearly show they are the experts in their industry, typically have better chances of outranking websites with less valuable website content.

Types Of Copy We Write

  • Website copy for launch (service/product pages)
  • Paid ads copy (PMAX/Google/Social)
  • Blog posts
  • Social media captions
  • Script writing for Reels, TikToks
  • Promotional copy for events
  • Scripts for video ads/commercials/reels
  • Email marketing copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Menus
  • And more

Help People Find Your Business Online

Email us at [email protected] with details on which copywriting services you’re interested in and we’ll start by getting to know more about your brand so we can tell your story together.

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