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What Is SEO And How Does It Help My Business?

How Does SEO Work And Do I Need It?

We ask you this: How well do people know your brand? Is your business mostly repeat customers, new customers, or a mix? Do you actively use Google Analytics? If you are unsure how to answer any of these questions, you may need SEO. A custom SEO campaign involves implementing a series of strategic ongoing on and off-site optimizations that help get your website in front of new searchers to drive more visibility online. Increased visibility online leads to increased traffic, improvement in your organic rankings, and more brand awareness. SEO helps you work towards outranking your competition online for your most important keywords and helps your business become a more well-known brand name in your industry.

Different Types of SEO Campaigns

Each SEO campaign is truly unique to the business. Strategies that are tried and true for one business may not work for another business in the same industry. Things like competition, location, age of your business, your audience, and much more, all contribute to how well your website ranks on the search engines and how easy it is for new searchers to find your brand online. There are 3 types of SEO that can be applied to a campaign including on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO. Organic campaigns can be managed at a local level, a national level, or a mix of the two known as a hybrid campaign. After an in-depth audit, we can recommend an SEO campaign that best meets your needs and goals.

I Can’t Run Paid Ads For My Business, Can I Still Do SEO?

Yes! Not being able to run a robust PPC campaign does not prevent you from using other marketing channels. The beautiful thing about SEO is that you can still run an SEO campaign for industries/products that you can’t run paid ads on. From Google to Meta, each platform that you can run a paid ad on is going to have many rules to abide by, otherwise, you run the risk of ad disapproval. Google keeps an ongoing list of Dangerous Products and Services that are not allowed in ad land. Some of the most common industries that face these Google Ads restrictions include but are not limited to: cannabis dispensaries, alcohol delivery services, some medspas/injectables (Botox, drugs), and more. It is important to understand what you can and cannot advertise online when considering digital marketing for your business.

Go Beyond Google With Social Media SEO

While Google may be the world’s largest search engine, it’s not the only search engine. From Bing to DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and other search engines, there are a myriad of ways to seek information in 2024.

With increasing concerns about AI and privacy online, more and more searchers are using alternative search engines and not relying on Google like they used to.

Going beyond the search engines, now social media platforms are mimicking Google with their own in-platform search bars, algorithms, and hashtags.

From TikTok SEO to Instagram SEO, and any other social channel in between, knowing how to properly and fully optimize your social media pages will help your business get in front of new searchers.

Whether your business is local to Buffalo NY or the WNY area, or if you run a national e-commerce store, Organic Search (SEO) + Social Media strategies work hand in hand now more than ever.

If you’re looking to grow your Organic Social Media strategy but don’t know what kind of content to create or you don’t know where to start, reach out to us today to get started with a tailored content plan.

Let’s Get Started On Your Custom Content Strategy Today!

Not ready for a full-blown SEO campaign but want help writing content for your website or blog? We offer custom copywriting services to help get you through every stage of your marketing journey. From new website launch copy to ads copy or service page copy, no matter which funnel you need copy for, Eltaher Media can help!

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